3 best React hackathon starter kits

Sumit Patel
4 min readJan 12, 2021


Don’t waste time in getting the project started from scratch.

On the off chance that you have participated in any hackathons in the past, you’ll know how much time it takes to get a project started, to decide on how to build, pick the right libraries, pick a CSS framework, set up all the different libraries and make them work together. Making all of the things work together can sometimes turn out to be a real crux. And if you have been an active member of the React community or just follow it, you’ll know how fast things can change.

Well, let’s say a while later you have your own little starter template on Github. But then as time passes, there will be newer versions of dependencies coming out. Newer, better, cleaner ways of doing things or just new concepts. Sooner or later maintaining the repository may get hectic.

To unload the burden of starting a React project from scratch, I have curated a list of boilerplates on Github that will give you a seriously needed time boost and might even a slight edge over your competition.

Let's dive in!!!

1. React Boilerplate

Max Stoiber’s 26.8K star library is a highly scalable, offline-first React set up with a strong focus on developer experience and application efficiency. Without refreshing the tab, its DX orientation is felt in features such as letting your saved adjustments to the CSS and JS be mirrored. Even when you change something in the underlying code, maintain the application status. It also automates the creation of components, containers, paths, selectors, and sagas and their tests right from the CLI.

And all you have to do is clone it into a folder of your choosing, with whatever project name you want and run the setup command (npm run setup)which will install all the required dependencies. And voila, just run npm start to spin up the server.

2. React Slingshot

With just a few more starks to go before the 10K stars mark, this project by Cory House aims to be a comprehensive starter kit for rapid application development using React. Slingshot offers a rich development experience using React, Redux, Babel, Webpack, Jest, Sass, and more.

Start off with npm start and that all. With Rapid Feedback, every time you hit save, changes hot reload and linting and automated tests run.

3. React Firebase Starter

At 4.2k stars, this project by Konstantin Tarkus has something very unique to offer. Well as you might have correctly guessed by the name, it's Firebase. It helps you bootstrap new React.js + Firebase application projects in minutes.

It's a great project template for building modern, scalable web applications with React, Material UI, Passport.js, Relay, and GraphQL using serverless infrastructure provided by Google Cloud.

Bonus ( My personal favorite)

For me, the go-to choice when participating in a hackathon is this project. React Boilerplate meets CRA has 733 stars, meager to others mentioned in this list. But don't underestimate its usefulness.

Being built upon the principles of and battle-tested techniques react-boilerplate by using create-react-app as a base for providing the necessary bootstrapping. This project enables you in creating state-of-the-art web applications in no time.


The right boilerplate can help you get up and running in no time, without having you invest much time in setup and configurations. Choosing the right boilerplate is important not only for getting started quickly but also for when you implement a number of features in record time.

Feel free to add your own suggestions and share your experience!

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